Ever since we were young, my parents taught my brother and I how important it is to travel as much and as often as you can. Experiencing other cultures and exploring the unknown is the best way to find out about the world and more importantly, yourself.

An unforgettable family trip to Italy in 2007 had me head over heels for the wonderful experiences that travel can bring. I decided to pick up and move to Melbourne, Australia sight unseen in 2011 because, well…why not? During the 4 years I spent overseas, I was able to see much of what the beautiful country of Australia has to offer. I was also lucky enough to spend time in New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore & Japan.

I’ve been living and working in Ireland for the last year and have decided that it’s time to head back home and return to school in Vancouver in the new year. During my time in Ireland, I was fortunate enough to explore much of the Emerald Isle along with various other European countries.

Check out my Destinations page to see where I’ve been.

Happy travels!

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.”-David Mitchell