Brighton: a hidden gem

Brighton is the kind of place where you can be yourself – whoever that is. I fell in love with this seaside town as soon as I arrived. Vintage shopping, unique street art, friendly people & the beach – what’s not to love? Brighton’s visitor website describes it as “vibrant, colourful and creative” and I couldn’t agree more! 

I had a friend visiting me in Dublin for a couple of weeks from Australia before setting off to meet my family in the UK. I was pretty tired after all of the exploring we did around Ireland so I was happy to have a relaxing week in England with everyone. We met in London and headed straight to Portsmouth to see where my brother went to school, meet his friends and explore the city. We spent a few days there and then we headed off to Brighton. I had never really thought to visit Brighton but my family had been a couple of years ago and told me how much I’d like it and of course, they were right.

If you haven’t ever thought to visit Brighton, like myself, let this list of my favourite things entice you 🙂

  1. The Royal Pavilion Grounds & Brighton Dome – Dating back over 200 years, the Royal Pavilion is a stunning building with a colourful past. It was initially built as a palace for King George IV and was subsequently used as a civic building and a hospital during World War I. You can pay to visit the inside of the Pavilion or enjoy a leisurely walk around the grounds, as I did. The garden is well maintained and has a variety of colourful flowers on display. It’s a great place to get away from the crowds and relax after a long day of exploring. You can also take in a show at the Dome. See what’s on here

2. The street art – Not only is Brighton quirky, colourful and eclectic – it’s also very creative. It seemed that I was stopping every few minutes to take a look at another amazing piece of street art. The best place for street art is in and around the Lanes which is Brighton’s famous shopping district.

3. The Lanes – I’m not a big shopper by any means, especially since I’ve been living out of a suitcase for the better part of the last six years. This means that I can only buy what I really need or can’t live without. It also means that I’m usually on a budget. This is, by far, the best shopping district I’ve ever been to. The Lanes has everything – funky shops with antiques and vintage clothing, great cafes and restaurants. If you’re into antique shopping like myself, Snooper’s Paradise is the place for you! Located in the North Laine, Snoopers Paradise features a variety of unique and affordable stalls that are independently owned. You can spend hours going up and down each aisle, searching for your perfect treasure. 

4. The Pier – The Brighton Palace Pier has a nostalgic feel, taking you back in time to when fairgrounds were commonplace. There are rides, arcades and different food stalls with candy floss, crepes, hot dogs and other carnival treats. This wouldn’t usually be something that I’d enjoy but it was really fun to walk amongst all of the activity and take in the scenic views overlooking the English Channel. 


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