Vatican City

For most of the time we were in Italy, we were on a tour with Trafalgar Tours. This was a really great way to see Italy for our first time as it allowed us entry into places we may not have found on our own or would have had to wait in line for. One of these places was the Sistine Chapel – the residence of the Pope and home to the famous ceiling painted by the talented Italian artist, Michelangelo. We arrived at 7 am and were ushered straight in – this was incredibly special because our bus was the only group inside this usually very busy tourist spot. Photography is not allowed inside the Sistine Chapel which was fine by me – the memory of this exquisite masterpiece is all I need.


St. Peter’s Square.


St. Peter’s Basilica.


St. Peter’s Square.


St. Peter’s Square Campanone (big bell).


Tour of the Sistine Chapel.


Tour of the Sistine Chapel.


Inside the Sistine Chapel.


Stunning ornate gold ceiling.


The exterior of the Sistine Chapel.

Florence is up next.

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