There’s no place like Rome!

This is the trip that sparked my love for all things travel. In 2007, my parents decided to take my brother and I on a trip to Italy. Seeing the Colosseum up close, eating mouth-watering traditional Italian pizza, taking a peaceful gondola ride through the canals of Venice – all of these wonderful experiences are burned in my mind forever. I’ve gathered some of my favourite photos from this trip so you can see where my passion began (don’t be too harsh, remember this was 9 years ago…big hoop earrings & soul patches were all the rage). Also, some cities may not have as many photos as others, as I was not as snap happy and my camera skills were not as on point back then. Enjoy!


Fontana di Trevi.


The Colosseum.


What did I tell ya? (Luckily my hoops are covered by my giant hair in this photo)


One of Rome’s many street performers.


Close-up of the Colosseum.


I’ll just leave this here.


The Pantheon.


The Spanish steps.

You can check out some of my photos of Vatican City here.

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