Whale watching & puffin tour

Today was pretty amazing 🙂 I went whale watching and ended up seeing lots of dolphins and a few Minke whales! I used the tour company Special Tours who were brilliant – the staff was excellent and the tour guide was very knowledgeable. One of the Minke whales even came right up to our boat which is rare, as they are usually very shy creatures.


Waiting for the tour to begin at the Old Harbour, Reykjavík.


Waiting for the boat to head out.


What a stunning view.


More dolphins!



Next up was a tour of Puffin Island where I was able to see the world’s most adorable birds (they are much smaller than I imagined them to be). I also learned that they mate for life, are great swimmers and can live for up to 20 years!

BeFunky Collage2

After my tour, I decided to check out an outdoor art piece called Þúfa (AKA Thufa) by Ólöf Nordal. There are stone steps that take you to the top where you can see a fishing shed with fish drying inside. This instillation provides a great view of the harbour and Harpa Concert Hall. Very cool!


Þúfa by Ólöf Nordal, Norðurslóð.


View from the top.


Fishing shed.


View of the harbour & Harpa.

Afterwards, I stopped by the popular hot dog stand Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur. Their hot dogs are unlike anything you’ve ever had. They are topped with ketchup, raw & fried onions, sweet mustard & remoulade. Delicious! (Funny side note: After this picture was taken, I looked away for maybe 2 seconds to put my camera away and a giant seagull came down and stole my hot dog right off the table! Everyone turned around and stared at me, it was pretty funny 😀 I told the guy what happened and he gave me a free hot dog (I guess it happens from time to time).

No trip to Reykjavik is complete without experiencing their nightlife – Icelanders sure know how to party. Because alcohol is so expensive here, the locals like to drink at home until around 12-1 am and then head out to the bar. That’s a little late for me, as I’m used to going out around 10 and being home by 3 at the latest. Some of the bars here stay open until 5 or 6 am and I’ve heard that it’s common to end up getting home around 8-9 am. My night was not quite as wild as that but it was heaps of fun – I went to The Dubliner, a great little Irish pub in the city. I met some beautiful people who were very friendly and welcoming (one is a fellow Canadian who has been living here for the last 8 years). I am in love with this beautiful country and I have only just scratched the surface.


The Dubliner, Reykjavík.

You can see what I got up to on the Golden Circle Tour here.


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