Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii is one of my favourite places. The beaches are breathtaking, the locals are lovely and there’s lots to see and do. I can’t wait to go back one day and visit another one of its beautiful islands.

Renting a car is a great idea because you can spend as little or as much time as you like at each spot that you visit. On the first day, we went to Diamond Head State Monument to see the iconic volcanic crater. Interestingly, the crater got its name because the sailors who discovered it thought that its calcite crystals were actually diamonds. It’s a moderate one hour hike up to the top and offers a great view of Oahu.

We drove an hour to Laniakea Beach because we wanted to see some sea turtles – we heard they will swim right up to you! We were not disappointed – we saw several turtles and a few of them swam right beside us in the water. What an amazing experience 🙂


Sea turtle at Laniakea Beach.

We also stopped at Haleiwa beach, a beautiful place for taking a stroll along the shore and enjoying a picnic. We went in the afternoon and it was pretty quiet – this was a nice treat, as it is a pretty popular spot.


Haleiwa beach, Honolulu.

The Beachouse at the Moana restaurant was a great place for dinner. I tried Mahi Mahi for the first time and it was incredible. One of my favourite parts about traveling is that I get to enjoy different styles of cooking in each place that I visit.


Mahi Mahi, Beachouse at the Moana.

We went on a long scenic drive one day and stopped wherever we felt like for as long as we wanted. That’s another perk of renting a car – you end up finding some amazing places that may not have even been on your radar. The scenery in Hawaii is absolutely stunning; this place really is paradise.


Honolulu, Hawaii.


Honolulu, Hawaii.


Honolulu, Hawaii.

We also took a short but slippery hike up to Manoa Falls to see the waterfall (featured in the show Lost). It wasn’t a very difficult hike but it was quite muddy – I may have fallen once or twice and it may have been caught on tape. It’s a good thing it was worth it! The falls were beautiful and we were quite lucky, as it wasn’t very crowded.


Manoa Falls, Honolulu.

Even though Waikiki Beach is touristy and can get quite busy, the water was absolutely magnificent. It was crystal clear and the temperature was perfect. After our hike, we really needed to cool off and this was the perfect place to do so.


Waikiki Beach, Honolulu.

I think the highlight of my trip to Honolulu was my last meal here at Morimoto Waikiki. We decided to treat ourselves to a seven course tasting meal that included Morimoto’s take on fish, fondue, custard, sushi and lobster. I cannot say enough about this restaurant – the service was phenomenal and the food was some of the best I’ve ever had. Wonderful way to end our time in Hawaii. I will definitely be back!

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