Uvita, Costa Rica

I would love to visit Uvita again one day, I absolutely loved it. My hostel, The Toucan, was incredible. It was very clean, they served delicious food and the staff was friendly and helpful. Best of all – they have a great outdoor lounge area with comfortable couches and hammocks. It down-poured one day while I was there and I had a great time relaxing on a hammock listening to music and reading. I love to explore each place that I visit but I also like the quiet times where I can sit back and enjoy my surroundings.


The Toucan, Uvita.

Aside from visiting Manuel Antonio National Park, horseback riding in Uvita was my favourite activity. The scenery was stunning and my guide was wonderful. His dog even followed us the entire way to the waterfall!


Horseback riding, Uvita.


My tour guides.


Our beautiful destination.

Uvita Waterfall was a short walk from my hostel. What a magical place! The scenery is stunning – it feels like you’re in the jungle, and the water is refreshing. It’s a great place to bring a picnic and soak up the scenery. I could not have asked for a better way to end my trip to Costa Rica. I would recommend visiting this beautiful country to anyone. I hope to be back one day soon 😉


I told you there were dogs everywhere!


On my way to Uvita Waterfall.


Uvita Waterfall.


Adios Costa Rica, see you again soon!

“To travel is to live.” – Hans Christian Anderson

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