Quepos, Costa Rica

The journey to Quepos could not have worked out any better – a tourist van was passing by the bus stop and asked if I wanted a ride to Monteverde for $20. This meant I would be able to skip two buses – yes please! I also met a very nice girl from the States who was living in Costa Rica. We took a ferry to Jaco and a shuttle drove us to our hostels. Seamless travel day!


Ferry ride to Jaco.

The highlight of my trip was visiting the wonderful Manuel Antonio National Park. I went to the park twice, as there was so much to see. I ended up seeing not one but seven sloths, a fiery-billed aracari, white-faced capuchins, squirrel & spider monkeys and an array of birds and insects. There is a beautiful beach at the park that is great for snorkeling, swimming and having a picnic.


White-faced capuchin, Manuel Antonio National Park.


Cheeky monkeys stole someone’s lunch!


Two-toed sloth.


Three-toed sloth.


Stunning views!


Manuel Antonio Beach.


An agouti on the beach.


A spiny tailed iguana.

I really wanted to see a toucan in the wild, as I had never seen one before. However, I realized that this would probably not happen, as all the locals told me that they had flown up into the mountains for the season. On my first day at Manuel Antonio National Park, I had stopped for a bite to eat and was ready to continue on my hike. I looked up at the right moment and perched on a tree in front of me, was a beautiful fiery-billed aracari. I could not believe my eyes – what a magical day!


Fiery-billed aracari, Manuel Antonio National Park.

I had the most incredible time in Quepos, I did not want to leave! The food was delicious, the people were friendly and I was able to check a few other items off my bucket list. What more could I ask for? Uvita was my last destination on this wonderful trip.

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