Ubud, Indonesia

We decided to hire a driver for the day to take us to visit the beautiful town of Ubud. It was very cheap (only $30 each for the day) and the service was excellent. Our first stop was to Sari Amerta to see how batik (Indonesia’s traditional textile) is processed. I couldn’t believe how much work goes into creating these stunning fabrics.


Sari Amerta Batik Factory.

Then, we stopped at Celuk Gold & Silversmiths. We were able to see how their beautiful jewelry is made before checking out the finished products in the showroom.


Celuk Gold & Silversmiths.

From there, we visited the ancient Puseh Batuan Temple which was built in the year 944. This temple is well worth a visit – it’s peaceful and has some amazing architecture. It is also incredibly well maintained for its age.


Kira & I at Puseh Batuan Temple.


Hindu offerings for Nyepi (Hindu New Year).

Nyepi (Hindu New Year) was coming up in a couple of weeks, so there were many offerings being left behind at the temple. We were told that Nyepi is celebrated by creating as much noise as possible to scare away evil spirits. The following day, however, the streets are completely deserted and tourists aren’t even able to leave their hotels.

We then stopped at Lukisan Gallery to see some traditional Balinese art. They had some very beautiful pieces – I purchased a couple of small paintings.

One of my favourite stops was the Dewa Malen Wood Carving Shop. Here, I made my favourite purchase of the trip – a traditional Balinese mask made out of crocodile wood.


Dewa Malen Wood Carving Shop.

Our last stop before lunch was to Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave). This historical site has a cave, fountains and some wonderful carvings.


Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave).

At this point, we were pretty hungry so we stopped for a bite to eat. We enjoyed an excellent view of the rice fields while we ate lunch. Rice noodles and caramelized bananas (delicious!).


So good!

Lastly, we checked out Lumbung Sari where we were able to sample coffee and tea after taking a short tour of the House of Coffee. We stopped at their gift shop and I purchased some lemon tea and chocolate for my parents. It was pretty interesting to see how their coffee is processed.


Lumbung Sari, House of Coffee.

Absolutely loved Ubud – would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn about Indonesian culture and traditions.

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