Welcome to Bali!

Kira and I arrived in Bali late at night, so we decided to get some rest and start exploring the following day. From what we could see, our resort looked beautiful! We decided to step it up a notch and stay at a hotel for the last week of our trip. You can get more for less in Bali, so we were able to stay somewhere nice without breaking the bank. We stayed at a lovely little resort called Hotel Santika. It was a perfect place to soak up some last rays of sun before heading back to Canada’s freezing temperatures.


Koi fish pond complete with ducks. Hotel Santika, Bali.

The following day, we had a delicious breakfast at the hotel before heading out to the Legion Street markets. It was very quiet, there weren’t many tourists out and about which was a good thing. After making a few purchases, we went back to the hotel for a swim in the pool. We decided to try a restaurant called Ku Te Da for dinner and it was excellent. Very friendly staff and delicious food – I had a rib eye steak with Cajun potatoes and a salad. Yum!

We decided to hire a driver the next day (sounds sophisticated but I assure you, that’s not how we roll – it was only $30 each) to take us to Ubud. Check out our experience here.

Ever since my snorkeling adventure at the Great Barrier Reef, I couldn’t wait to try it again (hopefully in much calmer waters this time). I finally had my chance – we took the Three Island Cruise to snorkel at some of Bali’s most pristine coral reefs. What an amazing day!


Finally getting the hang of it.

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After we finished snorkeling, we enjoyed some lunch on the boat and then we made our way to the Beach Club for a swim. We decided to spring for a massage – it was so relaxing, I almost fell asleep a few times.

On our last night, we wanted to do something memorable. We went to Uluwatu Temple which is located on the ocean. The views were stunning and there were long-tailed macaques all over the place. We were warned that these monkeys like to make off with wallets, sunglasses and anything else they can get their paws on. These little thieves sure were cute though 🙂


View of the ocean from Uluwatu Temple.


A cheeky monkey stealing an unsuspecting tourists glasses.

We stuck around to see the sunset as well as a traditional Balinese dance. The Kecak & Fire Dance was incredible. It is the most unique Balinese dance, as it is not accompanied by any musical instruments. Instead, there are approximately 70 men that imitate these sounds and tell a story by doing so. The combination of the beautiful sunset alongside this exquisite performance is something I will remember for a lifetime.


Kecak & Fire Dance, Ubud.


Kecak & Fire Dance, Ubud.

Before we flew out, we decided to get pampered at the hotel spa. We had an hour massage, a coconut and vanilla body scrub, an avocado hair treatment and a facial. It was absolutely wonderful – we both felt radiant after. As usual, the staff was polite, friendly and helpful.

This has been one incredible journey that I will never forget. I am so glad I was able to do it with someone I’ve known my entire life and am lucky enough to call my best friend.

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” Ibn Batutta


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