Perth, Western Australia

In 2013, my best friend Kira came for a visit. We spent 2 months traveling around Australia, New Zealand & Indonesia. Our first stop was Perth, the capital of Western Australia. We opted to stay at Ocean Beach Backpackers hostel because it was just minutes from Cottesloe Beach. We went down to the beach each night to watch the sunset, which was pretty magical.


Contemplating the meaning of life.

On our first day we decided to catch the ferry to Rottnest Island. We explored the island, went for a swim and even spotted the most adorable animal we’ve ever seen – a quokka!


He might not look impressed but trust me, he loved us.


Pelicans in Rottnest Island.

The next day we went to Fremantle Prison which is a World Heritage Listed Building constructed by convicts. We took a tour which was fantastic – they were very informative and entertaining! (Our tour guide reminded us of Jack Nicholson which is the best case scenario for a jail tour). You can also take night tours at the prison which would be really cool but also really creepy. This is a great place to visit, I would recommend it to anyone looking for something fun and also informative to do in Perth.

Kira and I were supposed to go to a resort called Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort AKA Shark Bay together but unfortunately the flight was sold out after I booked my ticket. I decided to go on my own – how could I pass up a place with “Monkey” and “Shark” in its title known for its world famous bottlenosed dolphins? See my adventure here.

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