My favourite things to do in Melbourne, Australia

I lived in Melbourne for almost 4 years and I absolutely loved it. I could go on for days about all the great things there are to do in this wonderful city but I will keep it short & sweet. Here are some of my favourites…

1. Melbourne Museum – I love museums (partly because I’m an Anthropology major and partly because, who doesn’t love to learn cool new random facts that you can share with unsuspecting guests at a party) and this one is great. There’s a dinosaur walk, a collection of hundreds of animal and bug specimens among many other interesting exhibits. Watch out for their featured exhibitions as they get some pretty fantastic ones. I saw King Tut and it was phenomenal.


King Tut exhibit at the Melbourne Museum.

2. Brunswick Street – One of my favourite areas. Brunswick street is in the suburb of Fitzroy and has some amazing coffee shops, vintage clothing stores & great nightlife. I’d sum it up as artsy & bohemian – if you’re looking for a more alternative area to check out, this is your place.


Action shot of my brother. Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

3. Hosier Lane – Melbourne has a lot of great street art. This laneway and many like it are actually legally approved public spaces for artists to express themselves on a grand scale. They change it up all the time so each time you visit you’re likely to see a bunch of new amazing pieces. A quick google search will give you the names of some great places to check out.


This is me trying to be cool. Hey look, what’s over there?

4. Queen Victoria Market – I lived 5 minutes from the Market so needless to say I was a regular. You can buy fresh produce at a reasonable price, shop for some quirky souvenirs or grab something delicious to eat from one of their many food vendors. In the winter (June to August) they have their Night Market on which has a lot of great vendors, drinks & live entertainment. And whatever you do, treat yourself to some donuts from the American Doughnut Kitchen. You can’t miss them – they always have a lineup of at least 10 people deep but trust me, it’s worth it!


American Doughnut Kitchen, Queen Victoria Market.

5. National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) – Great place to spend a few hours. Sometimes on my days off, I would spend a few hours walking around this lovely art museum. They always have great exhibitions – I saw the Mad Square: Modernity in German Art and it was amazing! It’s only a couple of blocks from Melbourne CBD so you can check out some art and then grab a meal at one of Melbourne’s many great restaurants.

6. Old Melbourne Gaol – The Melbourne Gaol housed some of Australia’s most dangerous criminals – including the infamous Ned Kelly. Many were hanged on the premise. Creepy stuff! They have some great tours which are very informative and fun. If you’re looking for something outside the box where you can learn a little more about Australian history then this is for you.

7. Festivals & Markets – It seems that almost everyday there is some kind of festival or market happening in Melbourne. The Hispanic Latin American Festival, Night Noodle Markets and the South Melbourne Market are just some of my favourites.


Night Noodle Markets, Melbourne.

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